Maxim Krakovtsev
Founder & Art Director
Maxim founded OWNLOOKS in 2007. Design, engineering, art have always been Maxim's favorite business and today, this is more than 35,000 hours of work experience. In addition to the work of the Manager of the Manufactory, Maxim is also engaged in the design of new models, debugging engineering processes and introduces fresh technologies into the process of creating new products.
Of particular pride is the core OWNLOOKS team, which has not changed since the creation of the manufactory in 2007. A team of talented like-minded people, each of which is part of the brand - part of the soul of OWNLOOKS.

There are no random people, thoughts and movements.
Customers Support
Slava, a wonderful part of our team. Helps Maxim in his work on managing the Manufactory. Work with our clients and partners, business correspondence, content editing and many, many more ... Yes, a bit of a loss without her, really.
Assembly department
The accuracy of all parts and the cleanliness of the subsequent assembly, in which Dmitry participates, ensure the quality that we put at the forefront of our products. Cleanliness and order means quality!
CNC engineer
The CNC operator in our time, it is as important a profession as a potter and a blacksmith in the old days. Precision in the manufacture of parts is very important to us, and the best CNC masters such as Andrew help us with this.
CNC engineer
Andrey, CNC operator and composite parts caster. Brings forgotten handcraft technology to our work. It helps us to combine old and new schools, which makes our products warmer and more animated.
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