inspiration through own view of things


Only the team of talented like-minded persons selected by the founder of a brand with the same carefulness and special attention to each feature with which Maxim creates his works can create unique collections of the limited series of exemplars, at promptly growing popularity and quantity of admirers of OWNLOOKS manufactory of inspiration.

Today it is a team of proficients, where each forms a part of the brand – its ideology, values and of course part of soul of manufacture OWNLOOKS, being a strong and the creative person. Music, photo, sports and other interests are spheres in which members of OWNLOOKS team find themselves. There are no ordinary people, ideas and movements here. The team of the Manufactory of inspiration is intersecting with the most important value – to create, produce and admire with its skill.

On the average 10 masters work for creation of one model, spending for it from 60 till 300 hours hand work.